Welcome Pack with information for parents and Scouts.

Welcome Pack 2018.pdf Welcome Pack 2018.pdf
Size : 725.001 Kb
Type : pdf

Instructions for setting up a standing order for payment of subscriptions.

When done, please return the attached confirmation form.

FormF1Subscriptions-2018b.pdf FormF1Subscriptions-2018b.pdf
Size : 134.525 Kb
Type : pdf

A form to allow us to claim Gift Aid on your subscription payments.

PLEASE complete this if you are a U.K Tax Payer.

FormF2GiftAid-2010B.pdf FormF2GiftAid-2010B.pdf
Size : 54.644 Kb
Type : pdf

The membership form.  This includes a Data Protection consent form.

FormF3MembershipForm-2016B.pdf FormF3MembershipForm-2016B.pdf
Size : 61.367 Kb
Type : pdf

Useful Links

 National organisation website

The district scout site

The County scout site

Our church and sponsors

Our Facebook page

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