3rd Chandler’s Ford URC Scout Group
A Brief History
By John Whatley
Group President

Chandler’s Ford URC Scout Group
A Brief History
The first recorded meeting of boys in the large Church Hall on 15th February 1962 at 6.30pm. Nine lads turned out on a very cold night. Mr M Major was the Akela started the evening with ‘O’ Grady Pack in a circle waiting for A.D.C. (Cubs) then Smith and A.D.C. (Scouts) Arthur Willis. They arrived at 6.45pm and brought a complete “6” from the 7th Eastleigh Pack and two from the 4th Eastleigh. Ken Smith (Kaa) took over and all played “Crown and Cranes” as a warm up. Kaa then gave an introductory yarn on Jungle Book and Mowgli. Leading up the council circle and the Grand Howl. Hathi, Arthur Willis then took all the lads on the actions and words of the Grand Howl. Hathi very patient! Hathi then ran noise game, motor racing, Kaa was the starter, this was followed by Kims game disguised as a “crime has been committed.” Kaa ran a noise game, Wirligigs, very rough, followed by yarn about left hand shake. Hathi a gook Grand Howl and notices and Dr R Mansfield a prayer, then dismiss.
(Dr Reginald Mansfield, Minister of the Congregational Church, Arthur Dews, Group Chairman and Scouter started the Group in Kings Road)
March 1962
A new Scout Troop was formed when several boys connected with the Chandler’s Ford Congregational Church met under the leadership of Roy Williams (Scoutmaster) and David Dolding (Assistant Scoutmaster).
Opening prayers were conducted by the Minister, Rev Dr R Mansfield and the District Commissioner Ken Edwards was present.
There is every prospect of the Scout Troop being as successful as the recently formed Cub Pack.
22nd March On the following Thursday at the Cub meeting parents were present to witness the investiture of the Cub Pack. Invested were Peter Ball, Philip Bignel, Robert Conchie, Ian Elford and Brian Hammond. Group Scoutmaster gave Group scarves. The Leaders M. Major (Akela), Mrs P Williams (Kim) and Mrs P Verrall (Bagheera).
19th April In the record of the meeting it states two boys who came last week, again present, but although they do not go to church they are Roman Catholic. (I can only guess that they did not go to the Congregational church, the Group being open sponsor)
Sunday 29th April First District Church Parade. St Georges Day Service, Eastleigh Parish Church. Marched from Chamberlayne Road School, lovely sunny day. On Parade Akela, Kim, Peter Ball, Robert Conchie, Ian Elford, Ralph Berndall, Phillip Bignell and Mark Walbridge.
3rd May 1962 Ten new cubs invested.
6th May Church Parade in our own Congregational Church well attended, Nigel Shaw read the first lesson.

17th May Nigel Shaw made Sixer of Black Six.
Saturday 19th May First open night Ken Edwards District Commissioner attended.
Saturday 2nd June First Jumble Sale, the sale was hectic but worth £18.
Whit Saturday 9th June Took six cubs up to Cranbury Park for a day camp, lovely hot sunny day, Mr Ball took us all up to camp gate, cubs soon busy gathering wood and little odd jobs. Dinner of sausages, beans and spaghetti, cooked by Scouts, not too bad, fresh apple and cup of Sunfresh lemon or tea. Cubs washed up plates etc then I gave yarn of Mowgli going to man pack after being thrown out of pack. Then games of cricket, rounders and aerial slide, all Cubs had a go. Tea of bannocks and twists, mixed reception, another short game of hot rice and hide and seek by Mrs Hammond. Mr Elford ran a full car home at 8pm. All present very tired and dirty. Akela took Ian Elford, Mark Walbridge, Ralph Berndall,Brian Hammond, John Haydon and Peter Ball.

Saturday 14th July Invited by 22nd Southampton Pack camping at Fair Oak to their camp fire. Jolly good time had by all. Ken Smith, Ken Edwards and Arthur Willis in top form and a good cup of hot cocoa very much appreciated by all.

Sunday 23rd December Eastleigh District Cub Carol Service, All Saints Church, Derby Road, very good service despite illness of Minister led by Scouter from Fair Oak.
First meeting 1963 3rd January Pack meeting considerably disorganised by snow, 12 boys braved bad weather conditions.
30th January First stars presented to Robert Conchie and Ian Elford, Ian also promoted second of Grey Six.
March 27th 1963 Pack very kindly invited to visit 2nd Chandler’s Ford Pack to see film of Gang Show shown by A.D.C. Frank Cox.
A.G.M. April 24th
7.00pm Film Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of the World.
7.45pm Going-up ceremony and investitures.
8.00pm Refreshments
8.20pm Reports and Chairman’s remarks.
13th May 1964 Parents Meeting
28 Boys.
Represented at all District functions. Good placing in Willis Shield. Few boys at six-a-side. St Georges Day Parade. Law read by Andrew Bushnell. Flag carried for the first time. District Outing Bucklers Hard 30th May

The Group continued to increase in membership by 1966 was offered an old R.A.F. Billet from the Barrage Balloon Station R.A.F. Titchfield, now the Plessey Company. A group of dedicated people dismantled the billet, transported and re-built it on ground kindly provided by the Church, only breaking one pane of glass.
The Cubs at full strength with a very long waiting list, it was decided to split the Pack and take in boys from the waiting list. There was one Pack meeting on Mondays and the other on Wednesday.
1972 Emlyn Trophy
Another first for the Group and District by winning the County Trophy for the first time and again two years later, still the only Group in the old Eastleigh and new Chandler’s Ford Districts to achieve the winning place.

1982 The Nor-Stone Venture Unit which had transferred from the 11th Eastleigh was well established with us in Chandler’s Ford.
1983 The First Group in Chandler’s Ford to start Beaver Scouts, we now have two full Beaver Colonies.
1984 County decided Eastleigh District was to split and made Chandler’s Ford a District of it’s own, we ceased to be 10th Eastleigh and became 3rd Chandler’s Ford.
1986 The wooden HQ was beginning to look shabby and maintenance costing more and more, it had given 50 years service. Fund raising had already begun for a new building. The Church agreed and planning approved for a new HQ, our funding to be £25,000. This was achieved in about four years, thanks to everyone who worked so hard.
1992 We moved into our new HQ which was opened by the Chief Commissioner for England Peter Currie-Cathy. Present were: The County Commissioner Captain Mike Everett, District Commissioner Mrs Diane Jacobs, Group Leader John Whatley and the whole Group of leaders and boys, The Church Minister Mark Westerman and members of the Church.
2 Beaver Colonies 2 Cub Packs 2 Scout Groups 1 Venture Unit
The following entries have been added by Jeff Deacon
2002 The Group celebrated it’s Ruby Anniversary with amongst other events a camp for the whole group at the District Camp Site; Cranbury Park including ruby red porridge for breakfast cooked by the GSL Moley (Adrian Booth).
2007 The Centenary of Scouting with Hampshire holding a huge camp at the New Forest show ground. Although there had been some very wet weather prior to the event, the camp was a huge success and celebrated in true Scouting style.
2012 Fifty years of Scouting at the 3rd. It is very difficult to produce a brief history for a one hundred year period let alone fifty, you could fill several volumes, there is always something going on in the year of a Scout Group; Camps, activities, meeting nights and so on. It is worth mentioning that the 3rd in common with hundreds of others up and down the country would not exist if it wasn’t for the hard work and support of parents and leaders down the

years, but just as importantly it is the young people themselves who take away with them the lasting memories of their Scouting days; I know I was one.
Finally, there is in existence a hand written foolscap sized diary containing details of the activities and meetings in the early years; sellotaped to the front is a note, which says,
“Don’t let yesterday take too much of today”
...........something well worth remembering.

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